Why Catsitting is Awesome

I went on my first solo international trip in June of 2016.

I’d spent a lot of time considering ways I could afford this, since at the time I was living on my own and working for a not-for-profit… that is to say, I didn’t have a lot of disposable income.

So, I did what all clever millennial-types do: I turned to Google for help! The search history would probably read something like, “how to travel when you’re broke” or “tricking the universe into throwing you a bone” or “spring break for 30-year-olds.”

As a Nova Scotian (and Outlander fan), of course I needed to visit Scotland.

As is its wont, Google rendered a million different ideas. Some of the more interesting options for travelling on the cheap were getting a Working Holiday Visa, being an au pair, or WWOOFing. But for me? The most exciting prospect was house sitting.

Here’s how I realized that cat sitting was for me:

I was single.

This definitely limited what I could afford, but also where I’d feel comfortable travelling and staying on my own. I’m an independent yet pragmatic woman.

I didn’t have any money.

As mentioned before, I was pretty broke at the time. Free or cheap accommodation was fairly essential if I was going to travel at all.

I hated being a “tourist”.

Let me clarify: I love visiting new places, but I detest doing the regular tourist song and dance. Living like a local as much as I could was the goal for me.

I didn’t enjoy the *travel* part of travelling.

Once I’m actually in a place, I have a great time. But the journey itself is often frustrating and almost always exhausting. I like to stay put when I can.

I was mildly obsessed with cats.

Refer back to my first point. Although, despite the stigma, I think it’s totally healthy for ladies like myself to dote on our feline companions. 😻

Of all the options I considered, house and cat sitting was the most obvious and amazing solution. It offered free accommodation where you can stay put and really get to know a place, plus have some adorable kitty company while you’re there. Purrr-fect!

This lap (and look of love mixed with disdain) could be yours!

So. Are you interested in house sitting?

I can vouch for the awesomeness of Trusted Housesitters. If you decide to sign up, please use this link (or code RAF28625) to save 25% off a yearly membership. Plus, you’ll kindly gift me a couple of free months for referring you. 🤓

Don’t just sit there, green with envy – try it for yourself!