VGL is Sick and so Are We

Those of you who know me well will not be surprised in the least that as November begins, Matt and I have both gotten sick. Thankfully, with a strict regimen of fluids, rest, and Netflix, we’ve managed to keep the cold to a dull roar and we’re carrying on.

We travelled from Prague to Berlin on Friday morning. After an hour delay at the train station, we finally got on our way. And what a voyage! Matt, being the incredible research nerd that he is, figured out which side of the train to sit on for the best views.

Our main reason for visiting Berlin (besides just being cool hipsters) was to attend Video Games Live at the Tempodrom – the venue that conjures the image of this Turtles in Time level every time I say its name. “Technodrome: Let’s Kick Shell!” 🐢🐢🐢🐢

I was so glad to bring Matt to VGL for his first time, and though it was my seventh time seeing the concert, this was my first time not working. The music was great as always, but I had to rely on myopia to shield me from the Silent Hill and Resident Evil clips. 🤓

Between having a short time here and being a bit under the weather, we most certainly haven’t seen all of the sights – but I’m learning that it’s imposssible to do everything, and there’s no sense beating ourselves up about it. We simply do what we can.

Today is our last day in Berlin before we head off to Nuremberg for two weeks. We’ve visited some cool spots, seen some lovely friends, and enjoyed some great walks around the city… but we’ve also watched more episodes of Taskmaster than I care to admit.

How do you deal with illness while you’re travelling?



4 thoughts on “VGL is Sick and so Are We

  1. I always hand-sanitize every surface in a train or plane space that I’m occupying as part of my getting settled ritual. And in hotels I wipe down door knobs, light switches and the alarm clock. I used to think I was being a germ-a-phobe, but I’ve since heard that science backs this OCD behaviour, and I stopped getting plane sick once I started doing it religiously.
    Once actually sick, though, I find it helpful to get the effervescent vitamin c tablets or powders to make a fizzy and comforting drink. Different countries have different cold meds – ask a pharmacist for their best drugs. You might luck out and get something amazing! I’ve also been known to drink hot ginger-ale (add boiling water) as a comfort measure. Scarfs for days. Wrap yourself in cozy. Try and get fresh air in mild doses (even sitting wrapped in a blanket by an open window).

    P.S. – That turtles in time reference broke my heart in a good way. I miss little Janny.

    1. Such good advice. Matty carries hand sanitizer, and we did use it a few times on the train, but clearly not enough. We’ll try to up our game in that arena. Luckily, as well-seasoned sickies, we generally travel prepared with all the fizzy vitamin C and drogues we should need. And my scarf is like my second skin!

      I really loved watching that Technodrome video; so much nostalgia. Maybe that’s the reason I picked Berlin for our European VGL experience. It has strangely shaped so much about our travels so far.

  2. Janice, hugs and hope you and Matt get well soon! And to Shauna, well said….. exactly what I would have said really, and maybe have said many times over the years. What wise women I have birthed. Seriously proud of you two! Missing the sound of your running feet down the halls of this big house. And now and heading to PEI to see the two mini peeps who remind me in SO MANY ways of you two sweeties. Be well and be happy! Love Mom. Xo

    1. Thanks, Mom! I hope you’re not worried; Matt and I are highly experienced sickies, and also this has been a relatively mild cold. I think the oil of oregano plus lots of fluids and rest has helped immensely. But I’m definitely going to up my usage of hand sanitizer on travel days! We’re off to Nuremberg tomorrow. Hope you have fun in PEI! Miss you guys. xoxo

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