Shakespeare and The Room

I’ve been in the U.K. for a week now, and I’m finally starting to feel a bit more settled. This is precisely the time to start having wild adventures! For nerdy lil indoor kids like ourselves, this essentially means going for a walk and grabbing a pint. 🍺

Croydon, in spite of its reputation for being a bit of a rough area, has quite a bit of cool stuff going on. The thing that’s really struck me is all of the amazing graffiti (with a few very interesting pieces going up right in our neighbourhood just a couple days ago).

Sadly didn’t grab the name of the artist. But I need a house like this someday.

Besides just wandering around our little slice of London, we’ve got some pretty exciting plans this week. First, we’re going to see Sir Ian McKellen perform in the great Shakespearean tragedy, King Lear. I mean, that’s quite simply a dream come true.

Then later in the week, another masterpiece… The Room with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero! Matt’s been to meet these fellas a couple of times before (which is one of the many things we bonded over in the early days) but this will be my very first time.

What would you say to your hero… particularly if that hero was Tommy Wiseau?



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