Just Beeee Yourself!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to “be yourself” in all situations.

I’ve also been thinking about the bees… and how they need our help.


But back to beeeing yourself. I was listening to a podcast recently (You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, possibly this episode) and they were talking about sincerity, and how people generally respond quite positively to it, despite sometimes feeling like we have to “reign in” our true selves to be accepted.

It’s got me thinking about sincerity in general. How it’s always been something I’ve valued, and simultaneously something I’ve struggled with. There have been so many times where I’ve felt an intense emotion, to the point of physical manifestation, but have tried with everything I have to deny or ignore that feeling. Because I thought, the other person wouldn’t like that feeling. Or I need to hide how I really feel, so they can’t hurt me.

The idea that other people actually WANT you to be sincere, and say what’s on your mind, is kind of a radical idea (at least to a head case like me). I mean, I ALWAYS want people to be real with me. So it makes sense that hey, they might want the same thing. And let’s be serious here: how can I ever expect people to be real and honest with me if I can’t or won’t be real in return?

Whatever, I’VE LEARNED ALL I NEED TO LEARN, and I’m totally sincere now. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you. I even use cuss words in front of my parents (sorry Mom). And to be completely transparent here (get it?) this is a big reason behind using my full, real name on the interwebs. Which wouldn’t be so scary, except when you think about who might be reading this… my boss? Ex-boyfriends? Childhood enemies? It really matters not. I’d love the traffic, if I’m being completely honest. Which, as this post has established, I am.

Okeh, that’s all for today. Have a real week, you guys!

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